Copy of Issue 16 (Single Back Issue)

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  • Copy of Issue 16 (Single Back Issue)

Copy of Issue 16 (Single Back Issue)

Sold out

Winter 2018/2019

It’s Howler's issue about caring. Not so much “Who Cares?” (though that made a pretty good cover), but “How?” In Issue 16, we explore the ways.

Nate Abaurrea chronicles the height of caring: A god (D10S) looking him right in the eye.

Kingsley Ukpai laments the years of hoping for that African World Cup breakthrough.

Georgia Cloepfil considers the implications and challenges of having followed her soccer heart to South Korea.

We discuss the travel issues of the Tibetan women’s national team with Cassie Childers.

And Tristan D’Amours shares the adventures of a pair of ex-pros who put their lives on hold for the 6v6 World Cup.

(And a lot more)

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